Political Snorts and "21 Down"!

As the semester begins to wrap up, Luke is preparing to present much of the work from the last few months, including a musical sketch show and a original short film!

NYU offers students every fall the opportunity to create an original sketch comedy musical entitled "Political Snorts," a revue tackling issues from the GOP and election season, to gun control and climate change. The show, devised by the students with supervision and direction provided by five-time Tony-nominee Elizabeth Swados, is an examination of just about everything that is wrong with America today through the eyes of our most valued, most important, and most ignorant generation -- the Millennials. It will be performed at The Club @ LaMama on December 9th. More details provided in the link below.


In addition to Political Snorts, Luke has been hard at work with fellow Tisch student Peyton Young and Tisch alumnus Cody Ball in the creation of an original short film, tentatively titled "21 Down."  As a part of the curriculum at Stonestreet Studios, each student is required to create some sort of original piece, most usually a scene or some sort of visual storytelling.  Luke and Peyton decided to do something a bit different and make an entire short film, enlisting Cody's help to make their vision a reality.

"21 Down" tells the story of Ethan and Leila, two best friends whose lives have suddenly gone in different directions in the months leading up to their college graduation. They explore what it means to move on and to come to terms with how things are, not how you wish they would be, as the "real world" fast approaches.