If You Say It Is, How to Do Everything, and Traveling!

 The past few months have brought a lot of progress really quickly on a lot of projects!

First of all, after a very successful second reading of his script If You Say It Is, a controversial story tackling the origins of morality and human connection, Luke was approached by Shannon Hamm and Candy Nairovy of SCC Productions with intent to produce the film. They are now working together to create a proof of concept trailer to pitch to investors and crowdfunding for the project. Look out for more updates on that project later this year!

Next, Luke took part in The Actor's Green Room 72 Hour Film Shootout in both October and December. Out of the October shootout came The Window is Open, a comedy about five friends who all want to date the same girl (Sam, played by Krista Padilla), but they never have the chance because she's NEVER single. Until one day, Greg (played by Luke) noticed her break up with her boyfriend in the park. Sam's "window" is "open". But not for long...

Luke co-wrote The Window is Open with Alex Kraft. The project is directed by Danny Oakden and also stars Arron Lloyd, Krista Padilla, Aaron Kapner, Joe Lacerda, Joseph Tribble, and Alex Kraft.

Out of the December shootout came a film entitled A Million Tiny Reminders, the story of six people whose stories intersect in Union Square Park on a cold day in December. It reveals how their daily battles manifest in everyday life and how we all are stronger than we think. Directed by Yuko Kudo, it co-stars Luke, Amanda Bruton, Frankie Gallucci, Bianca Nejat, Anna Frankl-Duval, and Yuko Kudo. Luke also wrote the script in collaboration with the cast.

After having so much fun with The Window is Open, the creative team decided to create a web series based on the short film. What resulted is a comedic web series with heart, entitled How to Do Everything. The series follows the characters from The Window is Open as they go about their lives in New York City (and that one random guy who lives in Metuchen, NJ) and the mishaps that come about by simply existing as a young person in the greatest city in the world. More information is at http://www.howtodoeverythingwebseries.com

And finally, Luke is taking a few months off amidst the craziness to travel the world! He spent several weeks in Guinea with the Kissidugu Foundation, learning about West African dance and djembe with Gabriel Fara Tolno, one of the most prominent international drummers in the field. At this moment in time, he's eating some tapas and sipping on a nice café con leche in Spain. Planned ahead are stops in various Scandinavian countries, a few Asian countries, and a quick trip to Australia and New Zealand! Follow Luke's travels on his travel blog, A Fool Who Dreams: Luke's Travel Blog at http://AFoolWhoDreams.blogspot.com

As these projects continue to develop, more updates will be posted!  Stay tuned!